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There are many ways to solve a problem. Stay up-to-date with the wide range of options available to keep your professional life and your family life running smoothly.


Family Mediation: What is it and who is it for?

When a decision is hard to make because you and your spouse (or you and your teen) do not share the same view, mediation can help you both. Family mediation helps families find solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Family mediation is not therapy. It’s future focused and interest-based (more on that later).

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Collaborative Divorce

Save time and money with the team approach.

Is it time to regain some independence and take your life in another direction? Does court seem like too much trouble and too much money? Do you have friends who have spent years fighting in court?

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Estate planning is for everyone.

You've heard it before. No matter how young or old, every stage of life is the right stage to make a Will. If the process sounds intimidating, get help and make it fun. Remember, proper prior planning promotes prolonged partying. If you already have made a Will, be sure you and your loved ones know how to find it in an emergency. Read it over.  Have your assets changed? Has a designated trustee left the province?

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