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[ARCHIVED] All About: MyLawBC.com
Move forward. Create an Action Plan!

Legal Aid BC is retiring MyLawBC.com. We have archived this post and will not be updating it.

MyLawBC.com is a free online tool developed by Legal Aid BC.

Do you need help with one of these topics?

Don’t get stuck, move forward. Creating an action plan is the first step. It can be overwhelming, especially when you are under stress. Save yourself time and money by utilizing myLawBC’s built-in Action Plan software. It is designed to organize an action plan for you and guide you to the next step.

Can I make my own Will?

MyLawBC’s online tool will guide you through a questionnaire to determine if the Will you would like to put in place requires legal advice. Many people are satisfied with a basic Will made from the template available for free at MyLawBC!

What is -Making a Safety Plan-?

Have you heard the terms ‘intimate partner violence’, ‘family violence’, or ‘domestic violence’? Learn more about Types of Violence and Abuse at the Ending Violence Association of BC’s website <endingviolence.org>. Learn to be aware of important warning signs especially if you are ending a relationship or experiencing elevated financial stress in your relationship. Make a safety plan to protect yourself and other at-risk family members.

Are you concerned about -Missed Mortgage Payments-?

Make an action plan! Find resources and create your action plan with MyLawBC. Find out if you can keep your home

Do you need help with -Parenting Arrangements- or -Child Support-?

Make an action plan! The Parenting and Child Support tool through MyLawBC will guide you through a questionnaire to determine if mediation can resolve your concerns. You may find that you don’t need to hire a lawyer, prepare and file court documents, or wait for court dates.

Have you been served?

If you need help with a separation or divorce, make an action plan! Learn how to get family court orders! Utilize MyLawBC’s built-in software. You will find help and information about what to do next.